Our Features

To ease your inventory management

Barcode scanning

We minimalize the time and energy spent on barcode scanning. We can read all the 2D and 3D codes you already use.


You will find a lot of useful information in our dashboard - for example the results of each scanning.


You can customize the settings to fulfil your needs.


We break down the walls of incompatibility. We can integrate our solution into your existing system.

Live Data

We provide live data during the flight. You get real time feedback from your stock.


Our mission is to create smart drones that can read the whole shelf automatically. Be part of the innovation!

Our team

We are agile, we use the cutting edge technology and we are working based on your feedback!

Gergely Ellenrieder

I've gained 5 years experience in the field of agile development, four years in IT sector and one year in manufacturing. I have extended professional network in industrial software and automation business in the CEE region. I'm responsible for the sales, marketing and operative activities.

Ádám Mokcsay

I was working as a software developer and architect for 5 years in industrial and business software domain. I'm responsible for the translation between business and technology. I ensure that we use the latest technologies to build the software of the future.

László Szili

I was a member of a research group for 5 years where I was working in the field of industrial optimization and logistic. I’m responsible for identifying how to improve processes, make them more effective and integrate our solution into customers robust system.

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