Cut costs, speed up, and enhance the safety of your inventory management

We empower automotive companies with an efficient warehouse drone solution

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The problems that we can solve together

Slow, and unsafe processes

Lifting workers using forklifts, is a tediously slow process, which can also jeopardize their safety.

Inventory discrepancies

Discrepancies can cause delays throughout the entire supply and delivery chain, leading to inefficiencies and disruptions.

High turnover of warehouse workers

Excessive turnover disrupts workflow, reduces productivity, increases training costs, and negatively impacts the overall operations.

Turn your inventory checking

Streamline and cost-effectively accelerate inventory checks

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Aeriu is a cutting-edge warehouse drone solution designed to streamline inventory checks, boost efficiency, and lower costs. Explore how is it to run an inventory check in 4 easy steps with Aeriu.

1. The back office creates inventory tasks using Aeriu Cloud.

2. Designated warehouse team members pilot drones through specified zones, capturing location images.

3. Images are automatically uploaded to cloud storage, where Aeriu Cloud's AI cross-references them with master data.

4. Inventory checks are completed, providing up-to-date data for accounting, analysis, and decision-making.

What is your Goal?

Optimize inventory checking

Aeriu drones move much quicker between the aisles than forklifts and complete the job with great accuracy. Get the inventory checking done faster, so you can continue serving customers sooner.

Cope with labor shortages

Save up to 50% of your workforce on inventory checking, and move tasks from the warehouse to the office, enabling your team to spend time on other tasks.

Make data driven decisions

Aeriu collects all historical inventory data that offers valuable insights and serves as a great starting point for data-based decision-making.

Pioneer inventory checking with Aeriu

Faster stock taking

Minimize operational downtime and costs by cutting down your pallet processing time to just 6-8 seconds.

Fewer resources for inventory checking

Aeriu requires 50% less warehouse workers, eliminates the need for forklifts, and providing up to 99% energy savings.

Safe & attractive work environment

Aeriu eliminates repetitive and boring tasks, and it requires fewer safety regulations than workflows involving forklifts.

Reliable, data driven decisions

Unlock reliable, data-driven insights with Aeriu Cloud's powerful analytics.

Automation and AI features

Aeriu Cloud's AI can process images taken by the drones automatically, and alerts you in case of any inventory discrepancies.

Integrate easily

Aeriu is a highly customizable, enterprise solution that will work nicely with your processes, software and hardware tools

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New: Aeriu now works in warehhouses with narrow aisles!