We help companies to manage inventory in less time for less money while providing safer environment

We speed up and cut costs in production and logistic companies' inventory management.

The problem that we can solve together

In most production and logistics companies' warehouses, inventory mangement requires a lot of manual work due to lack of digitalization. Ironically, optimization of staff, work hours, and machines do not resolve rapid market changes or constant high demand for companies, but it is the only way companies can stay on top of the market.

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Labour shortage

Companies struggling to hire forklift drivers. Hard-to-find forklift drivers are required for the current process, instead of managing the physical flow.

Inaccurate data

In big volume there is a difference between the inventory data and real physical stock.

Unsafe process

People are lifted up in a cage with a forklift, while they are doing very monotonous tasks.

Upgrade your inventory management with cost-efficient, quick drones

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Aeriu is a drone software company that helps warehouses speed up and reduce costs in their inventory management. Aeriu's solution is easily scalable all around the globe and requires only a few days for its rollout.

Pioneer in digitization with Aeriu

Speed up inventory management

Oversee your inventory management without lifting up anyone with forklifts. Use Aeriu's drones; they get the job done quicker and with better accuracy.

Cut costs in inventory management

Aeriu saves expenses because fewer people and resources and less time are needed for inventory management at full capacity.

Cope with labor shortage

Aeriu helps free up the time of your warehouse team by moving tasks from the warehouse to the office.

Make decision based on data

Aeriu collects all historical inventory data that can be insightful and a great head start to kickstart your data-based decision making.

Map product locations

Aeriu provides a birds-eye view of your warehouse with an interactive map, so you can spot inconsistencies in a blink of an eye.

Move processes from the warehouse to the office

Aeriu drones take photos of each pallet and upload them to the cloud, therefore many tasks can be managed from the comfort of your office.

Feasibility Check

Find out quickly and easily if Aeriu can help you!

Implementing our solution is quick and easy. Aeriu drones can work in every warehouse where a forklift can work.

What we can achieve together

Safer work environment Frequent and accurate inventory data

Up to date information about your inventory

Attractive work environment

Traceable inventory state (Archive function)

No one is lifted up