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Follow inventory checks online, and generate reports easily
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  • Aeriu Cloud inventory management system

  • Integration with you Warehouse Management System

  • Implementation, warehouse enablement with drone pilot training

  • Bring your own Drone

Cloud Pro

Improve back-office and warehouse collaboration, and automate processes
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All the benefits of Cloud, and:

  • Aeriu App for warehouse teams to view assigned tasks, capture images, and monitor their drones

  • Automated, and secure image upload

  • Follow inventory checks, and invetory in-real time

  • Bring you own iPad

Cloud Pro + Hardware

Get powerful DJI drones tailored for Aeriu with accessories for better productivity
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All the benefits of Cloud Pro, and:

  • DJI drones (Mavic Air or mini depends on the aisle withd) with auto barcode identification, and long battery life

  • Optional accessories are included, depending on your warehouse readiness

  • iPad for drone pilots for the most convenient Aeriu experience

László Fánya
Logistics Director
S.E.G.A. Hungary

Our inventory process has become faster, more precise, and more cost-effective, and it needs fewer human resources and fewer tools.

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